About me!

Dhanpath is the quintessential Indian Metropolis dweller. Born in Thanjavur, educated in Chennai (When it was Madras), Mumbai (when it was Bombay) and finally in Mana Hyderabad! Alleged expert in Excel, Karnatak Music & Cooking! Dabbles in lots of logys – Astrology, Numerology, Graphology, Palmistrology (Can’t let this one stand out). Gets his mental workout by thinking about Yoga & Kung-fu! Tries out everything, especially if it is vegetarian! Anything that is fried and has Aalu in it is a favorite dish! Crazy about Gapchup and Chote Samose ( Kindly note Samose is plural) ! Masala Dosai dipped in Sambar for 10.5 seconds is heaven! Seshagopalan, Sanjay Subbramaniam, SPB, TM Sounderrajen, P Susheela, Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, MSV, Ilayaraja are Gods followed by smaller Gods – DSP & Hariharan!.  Digs Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam & Hindi Movies. Kamal’s Comedy movies, Kung-fu movies dubbed in Tamil, Any movie of Rajini / Chiru / Mahesh / Surya (especially if the heroine is good looking) are favorites (Watches the rest anyways). Reads anything that he can lay his hands on, especially if it had wrapped some Mirchis (with freshly cut onions) earlier! Looks slim in a Xylo! Has sequential six-packs (Meaning..He has one big pack on him now, rest are waiting for their turn). Summer sports – Black Currant Ice cream, Maaza, Channel Surfing. Winter Sports – Hot tea, Mirchis, more channel Surfing! Known for general suththi & sollu! Kya thobhi yaaron, read my stuff and Enjoy Maadi !


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