Flash Floods!

The heavy rains in the past few days got me thinking. Flash floods are real and in our country with no city having a semblance of flood management, these are going to be regular; Chennai & Mumbai floods are still fresh, nay, wet in our memories. All we talk is of the irrepressible Mumbai spirit – Absolute & Sheer nonsense we use time & again to cover up our incompetence. So 30 mins on the net came up with multiple ideas of what our brethren across the world are doing and my thoughts on what we ought to do.

All the videos are short & quickly let us know the central idea or theme they are talking about

  1. What the Government ought to do :
    1. Create serious rain management infrastructure like storm drains in Singapore & Maintain this infrastructure.
    2. Create serious flash flood management infrastructure like huge storage places that can store huge volumes of water to be released / used post the floods. Tokyo is a leader in this. It has 6.4 Kms of huge tunnels to take the storm water. The central vertical tunnel that holds the water and which is truly collosal is called ‘The temple’ – Pretty romantics eh?!!      http://www.amusingplanet.com/2013/03/g-cans-tokyos-massive-underground-storm.html or check this out http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/10/09/a-man-made-cave-of-wonders-the-worlds-biggest-underground-storm-drain-in-kasukabe-japan/
    3. For mana Hyderabad, my plan is simple. Our city is filled with lakes – small & big; We also have Musi. Connect all these with tunnels. Obvious choice for the big storage would a low lying area. The other idea would be to bolster the lakes themselves with PVC barriers so that the banks can be raised and the  lake does not break its bunds. Privatize this and we will not have issues with funds, quality or implementation
  2. What communities / organizations should do?
    1. Get a serious flash flood protocol implemented. Work with the government to ensure your Colony Flash Flood Team works both for saving the city as well as the colony.
    2. Invest in colony infra like drains, storages as well as barriers.
  3. What individual houses that can invest can do?
    1. The self-closing flood barrier – https://youtu.be/VcCFI_Tf638
    2. Emergency Synthetic Sandbag – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze1A66hEz3s
    3. Door barriers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPkJZqvjBGo
  4. What individual houses that cannot invest much should do?
    1. Have sandbags handy in open spaces near your house to be used in an emergency
    2. Have a clear plan on where will you move yourself & valuables when such flash floods occur.


Atleast people out there are thinking.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPkJZqvjBGo so let’s start thinking too!

Now that I have saved the world, I am ready for my Sunday siesta!


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