People love heros; and what they love more is to see the heros fall.

Guess this is the dialogue of the Green Globin in the Spiderman movie.

I agree.

I have been spending the past 2 days in my sister’s house resting. . Just resting! And doing nothing else. ..

She has this pile of magazines that were ready to be converted to the recycled money….(guess India must be one of the very few places where old newspapers and mags have some commercial value). With the elections just getting to a graceful end, the mags looked so juicy and tasty.

Invariably all of them had Modi as the centre piece.  Guess the media and us Indians cannot get enough of the new PM.

And then the mag gently slid and deposited itself on my chest…. and with my eyelids getting heavier…. I am in heaven. I just now realise that man was born to just laze around and all this commerce and IT complicated our lives to much.


Ok..mm….I am back… so what I was saying.. There is so much of news about PM Modi….. everything about him now its written in such an elaborate and star struck fashion that it will be difficult to keep one’s leg grounded. I really love the new PM and everything written about him. I always wanted a strong leader that makes everyone work hard. I am sure that he will take India forward.

I feel that finally in my life I now have as political hero who I always want to win, who is infallible and indefeatable.

But as I said earlier, for every person who wants him to win and march forward. ..there will be one another that is waiting for him to fall.

I hope and pray that the Green Goblins stay away..and let him do his job!

M $


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