Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…

I must do this for a full hour atleast, yesterday I ate two Gulab Jamoons yesterday and that is lot of calories, it is really nice at this time of the day, so fresh, there is a zip in the air, yes, Luxemburg was the same, the walk which I had with Rakesh & Yaski was so nice, two Gulab Jamoons were actually nice, the new caterer is really good, but all new caterers are good, the problem is only when they are confirmed, I wonder what will be the sweet today, let me see what I have to do today, I will finish walking at 8, Hey! where is the fat guy today, Poor fellow he is really fat, He looks like a Guju, they say Gujus eat a lot of sweets, Shit, I must not have had those Gulab Jamoons, Actually one must have been okay, But they were really good, I will not eat anything today, Well, that is not possible, I must not eat any sweet today, I have to send that mail to James and meet Shravan today, He said that he was very busy, I must ask him what plans he has for me, well I do not want to become the Program Manager this March, but I want some clear career path, that is also true, I myself do not know what is the career path that I want, yes, I have been a drifter, just went along the way god showed me, God has been so kind to me, he always has done me good, but I really think that we also must do our own bit and push to achieve what we want to, it will be nice to know what I really want, seriously, what do I want, I want lots of money, enough money to give to people who need it and not keep count, lots of love, from my kids, wife, parents, friends, that is a lovely bird, what colours it has, I think that is a parrot, wonder if this is a parrot, I have overtaken this lady for the third time today, I am walking fast, these ladies walk fast too, that red Chudidhar walks really walks so fast, Satish used to walk really fast, but then he was really thin, I wonder if he was able to walk fast because he was thin or he is thin because he walked fast, he was a good consultant, he knew how to patau the client, I wonder if he knew so much about Oracle, I mean, as much as I do, maybe he did, but the most important thing is that he behaved as if he knew he did, the way he handled Louise Kruger, well she looked beautiful, extremely beautiful, Kirsten was sweet, I will not have any sweet for another week, my tummy is really starting to show up, the Danish girls had such beautiful figures, they do not eat all this rice and sambhar, the sambhar of Saravana Bhavan is really good, I now understand why appa mixes sambhar and chutney, it really does taste so good, if I am thinking about the vadas, how will I reduce my tummy, GOD, cant you make me slim and yet allow me to eat what all I want, this walking is actually good, “Good Morning, Sir!”, this uncle is definitely looking slimmer, must ask him what he is doing, the stupid weighing machine seems to only know to move on one side, that too the wrong side, for all this tiring jogging that I am doing it can atleast show a reduction of a few grams, God! it is so frustrating, this girl looks good, she has a nice smile mmmmm nice figure too, I wonder why is she walking, she just wants to show off, okay, okay, so what she has a mp3 player, even I have a ipod, that too Apple ipod, she is not as sweet as she looks, must stop those Gulab Jamoons, that is the main reason, I will have to meet Shravan after lunch tomorrow, he will be here only for a day or two, he too has reduced, GOD the whole world has reduced, my legs are aching now, I must walk slowly now and stop running, so many thoughts, this actually can be a nice subject for blogging, Poorna says that he does not have any time to share thoughts, I think that this blogging is just plain creativity, as long as you think of writing you can get in that mood and write what ever, I must write that mail to James, James is a smart guy, he want the whole Peoplesoft setup to be shown to him without paying for that, when I am here, I will not allow that, will show only already setup objects, I will have to talk to Pavan for this, shit, why do they bring dogs to the park, and they will say that it will not bite, he knows that it will not bite but does the dog know that it must not bite?!!, stupid fellow, even this red chudidhar looks nice, AH! Finally let me sit for a while, this fat guy is all sweating, poor fellow, atleast I am not as fat, thank god, wonder what Amma made for breakfast, I must not think about food, thinking is the key thing in life, let me do some pranayams, let this girl go then I will do it, the Ramdev Maharaj is really good, his Kapal Bathi works for the whole world, even Aashish who need not lose weight loses weight, and I remain there, but this is good, feel fresh, but these thoughts, so many thoughts, I actually want to just walk peacefully and complete my 15 rounds of the park, and these thoughts, they really are there always, how can I be peaceful with these thoughts, so many thoughts, Chalo! it is time to go

Tomorrow I will not think about anything, maybe that is what is Nirvana, that is what they say, who has seen all this nirvana, having thoughts is not a bad thing, that is what they taught in TM, natur


One response to “Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts…

  1. hahhhaahhaah… Superb framing sir, very nice. I don’t know about others but i too get so many thoughts if i’m doing something. Why can’t our thoughts be stable!!!!!!!!!!!!

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