Crane & I

On one of my rare – morning walks

I saw a lowly – mundane cock

Bah! – He just – treads the earth

Like – me, – flying is his dearth


Then I see a crane so white

Perched on the top most branch so tight

That is a flying – bird, I thought

A skill –  free’n  easy – that  I sought


How is the lowly – world from there?

All so little – a view so rare

Aren’t you special? Was my ask!

Beaming inside, he wore a mask!


Special’n easy – You may think!

Spent I have – many – nights and ink

Learning everyday – unto a new ME!

Enhanced my looks and taxonomy!


But you are still – born a bird

Light wings – as white as curd

With effortless ease you just fly

Born and bred to stay so high!


Pushing the air – is so hard

The light here – leaves you scarred

God or bad – I am -Easy to smear

Don’t you know – The – buck stops here


But what is the use – of a long beak?

The eagle’s glide -is what I seek

Such a height yet eyes so sharp

What is that I have to Harp?


What is that I have to harp?!?!



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