Adi Sankara’s timeless truths.

Today we are in a world that is flamboyant at its DNA. Style over substance has become the norm. The better your flourish the better you are perceived. I came across some questions and answers in a Tamil magazine that are seemingly simple but in my opinion, extremely deep in its import & more importantly application. We have many people talking about value systems and when you read the following few Q & A’s, you realize the beauty of the paradox that is being driven at, as the objective. Hard work is praised while satisfaction is a goal! I thought this was so amazing that I wanted to translate these and put them up for my friends!

  • What is the enemy?
  • Not making any effort or Laziness.
  • What is prestige?
  • Not begging from anyone / for anything
  • What is Sorrow?
  • Not being satisfied
  • What is heaven?
  • Not being a slave to anything or anyone.
  • What is priceless?
  • Timely help
  • What should be shunned?
  • Bad people’s society & Other’s property
  • What is the ‘real’ beauty of speech?
  • Truth
  • Who does Goddess Lakshmi like?
  • Energetic (Not Lazy!) person
  • Where should an employee be careful?
  • In a government job
  • What is happiness?
  • Satisfaction with what you have
  • What is the seen GOD?
  • Mother
  • What is untouchable?
  • Credit & Loan

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