– 346 –

Pooja is really dressed to kill….i.e…kill us! She is wearing a bright yellow & green sari with strong make-up. She has been painted repeatedly and her eyes have been smeared around with Kaajal. She has a mini-snake like bindi. Her ears are not able to take the weight of her hangings in her ears, which are studded with pale but big greenish yellow stones. The work in her earrings is intricate and you are sure they have been bought from the charminar area for less than 30 rupees. She is wearing huge heels…as big as a small stool. Why is she wearing such high-est heels at home..I cannot fathom! She is gritting her teeth. Technically this is called Bruxing (minor advantages that life has bestowed upon me as a husband of a dentistJ).  The object of her fierce looks is a guy!

This guy is clean shaven but with the right amount of stubble strategically located in his supreme superman-like jaw. He has a faint mustache which is accentuated over his painted face. His hair is shining and deep deep dark black. He is showing off the cut in between his broad chest vide his intricately embroidered kurtha like top in red. He is wearing a blue dhothi, so bright that it would put Govinda to shame! Well, he just stares like a dumb buffalo.

Pooja asks “Rahul, Thum vahaan kyon gayethe?” This is delivered with a big sway of her earrings and it must have taken a lot of hard practice not to have given in to the sympathetic vibration of the swaying.  Anyways, this simple and innocuous question sets off a long workflow for the technical staff! Her eyes which were smeared in black till now, suddenly show a tinge of red! He looks at her much more like a buffalo. But I get to see him in multiple angles as if I were whizzing past him at the speed of light from left to right and then again from top to bottom. He makes his move..only to clutch the rear end of a sofa in the deepest purple. He again gives his strong buffalo look! Guess all the paint work on his face does not allow him to move any of the multiple muscles the face is bestowed with. Not to be left behind in the acoustics department, I can hear a high shrill lady voice shrieking in deep agony! Guess the question either should not have been asked or should not have been heard by the poor fellow!

I walk off to the bedroom to take an urgent summons on my mobile phone! Somewhere behind I could also hear a very loud and technically correct playing of a violin followed by the huge drum beats. I lost myself in my phone conversation but in between I heard more shrieks, more loud violin and louder drums beating.

When I returned after 15 mins Pooja asked him again “ Bathao Rahul! Kyon?” Gosh! She had atleast 15 mins to herself to move forward in life. Either she stared at him all the time with he giving her back his buffalo look or she must have asked him the same question about 8943 times (Guess that would be the capacity i.e possible number of times she could have asked the same question….and I really had no clue about the real utilization) with he giving her his buffalo look. Suddenly from the top floor, Maa-ji was looking at them with her eyes swelled in tears and she froze!

That is it! The gist of Episode 346 of some mega serial!

Very interesting! Very interesting! Very mentally invigorating! We must not let go of this but keep on watching till something actually happens!


2 responses to “– 346 –

  1. So you are also a victim of these kind of serial heheheh. My home has 3 televisions to resolve the conflicts. Some times I dont understand which room should I sit in. One with a cartoon , second with a serial and third with a bhakthi channel. Wish we could also have regular breaks like serials(sponsered breaks):-)

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