And my expectations hit the circuit breaker!

I was being addressed by a person so highly schooled – B.Tech, MS, B.L. and to top it all, an IIM graduate. Young and smartly dressed, Arun was an epitome of self-confidence. I really want to be addressed by him! I looked around and felt a similar expectation across the meager audience of attorneys.

Arun was introduced by a senior lawyer in glowing terms and my expectation rose like the Taurean phase of the Sensex. And he started to speak…Well..!!?! The language was good, infact very good, the diction had a tinge of a northie where you stress on the second syllable but good and his knowledge of his law was pretty deep. Yet leave along impressing me as a speaker, he could not even reach the seated ducks (Well! It was a smallish room and even if you tried looking at the lady with the moderate looks seated besides, people ended up giving you the looks…Hence ducks we were!). So my mind wandered from what he was trying to communicate to how he was communicating…and I made a list of points that were unimpressive about his overall presentation. So here goes the “Don’ts of any presentation”.
  1. He had a squeaky voice with a shrill tinge if he spoke fast…and he insisted on speaking fast!
  2. His presentation was all crammed up; it resembled Punjagutta Chowrastra 25 mins after the rains stopped. I could not read what was shown as the font was pretty small and it was filled up with stuff…so slowly, I could not read became I did not care!
  3. And the crammed up presentation was being read by this guy. He was more of a news reader than a presenter. So I spent most of the time in trying to figure out which of the 1282 lines shown in that slide was he trying to read.
  4. He did not set any context nor did he deliver any headline around which he could build a case. So I could not understand what his stand was till the slightly irritable gentleman on the other side of the moderate looking lady managed to pull out the context with leading questions.
  5. He also had a large number of slides and he was not able to skip any of them.  He could have given the slip to many slides and no one would have been wiser.
  6. He also seemed very apologetic about having to read so much content, excusing himself quite a few times.
  7. He could not take the few straight questions that were thrown at him. His answers were like “Why are you doing this to me?” OR “Why are you doing this to yourself by asking this?”.
And my expectations hit the circuit breaker! So much for someone who is an Engineer, Lawyer and a Manager! Maybe that is the reason…he has never been able to decide what to be, throughout his life!

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