Happy Vijayadasami!

Happy Dusshera! It is festival time again!

As I was on my erratic morning walk today, I was thinking about festivals…actually the beauty of our festivals! What are the best things about festivals? And I lazily began listing them out.
1. Food
2. New clothes
3. Meeting our people.

Well, our contribution towards the food (the central point of our existence) has always been consumption. This has had its advantages with both Amma and wife turning out to be great cooks. Not that I am too discerning a eater…if it is good, I eat with appreciations vociferously declared  and if it is bad ( an absolute rarity) I eat without comments. The new clothes part is a weak second in this list…In general we do not strain ourselves and hence no strain flows in to our clothes. So I managed to retain most of the stuff that I have bought in the past decade. And Yes! I manage to get in to most of them. ( I knew the question arose in your mind). When the “Food” part is the uncontested first in this list, the “Meeting our people” gets dumped in  to the last available slot; as after the heavy feast, you have to have that long siesta. So meeting generally becomes calling them up or simply SMSing them & wishing them well. They are our people and they will understand.

As I turned around on the short journey back on my morning walk, I realized that the best thing about festivals is really that it provides us a starting point, yet again! It allows us to start again on all those un-achieved wishes & un-attained wants. Invariably our elders tell us that whatever we do today, we will do the same things the whole year from today.  I guess it is a way of psyching ourselves to do better. And hence the morning walk…See?!!! And also this blog!
I am also wondering if the word feast came from the word, festival…but then, that is for another day!
Happy Dusshera Again!

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