Full & Complete meaning!

We come across so many words in our life that we use with great disdain. Seldom do we understand what is means to be sorry, but we use it many ever so many times without giving it a thought. I am told by Google that we regularly use only 10% of the words we know – meaning, 90% of our personal dictionary is filled with words we vaguely understand and rarely use.

Well I actually did not want to write about Sorry and such stuff. The word that I really wanted to write about is BREATHTAKING. Now this is definitely a rarely used word. We generally use Good to GOOOOOOOOOOD if you are convent educated, KOOL if you are facebook schooled, SUPER if you belong to the land of Rajnikanth and SO SWEET if that land is of SRK’s. But Breathtaking is definitely something that we do not use in our daily communication with fellow humans.

I was just back from my usual Saturday local tour of an assortment of FDs, Shopping-living & living- shopping, CC eating. Let me explain each of these terms for the new entrant to my weekend. FD means – family drops – basically dropping and picking up one of your near & dear. Shopping-Living is basic shopping to do basic living while living-shopping is living to shop – makes a mighty difference on your credit card. CC eating is eating Cholesterol-Carcinogenic spicy food. Okay! let me get back to what I wanted to say. I was back from our usual Saturday Local tour and I limply deposited myself on my favorite chair. As usual the chair was directed at my TV and so I just switched the dumb tube on. What came up was truly BREATHTAKING!

It was some hindi song which also had one of those Imran Khans / Emran Hashmis ( I do not know the difference between the two and I do not plan to gain this knowledge either!) – But what was breathtaking was Katrina Kaif! She was in her simple best and this Imran / Emran was singing the song. This guy had an elongated face with a pout / jutting upper lip and as he was singing he would look at this beautiful girl and stop – simply stop with his face showing the right expression for the word BREATHTAKING. I am sure this guy had put in no great effort to get the right expression. When you are looking at Katrina as she looked in this song, you simply stare at her as she IS breathtaking! It also occurred to me that there was a big team of make-up artists, costumes designers, directors, dance directors, tailors, carpenters, plumbers and what not that made her look Breathtaking! A stray thought – Maybe our L&D department must become this team for us and teach us how to look better! Like I said – Just a stray thought!

Then it occurred to me that maybe my age was getting reversed and I was getting to be a teenager and hence I found some girl, breathtaking. To test this thoroughly I sat thru the rest of the gaudy and loony songs with a charade of Deepikas, Kareenas and everyone else. I could only, so much as, give all of them a glance. And I also wrote this blog watching these songs! So sadly, my age had not reversed. I felt desolate at this thought! But there is no gain without pain. My gain turned out to be that I truly understood the FULL & COMPLETE meaning of the word Breathtaking!
Now I am off to do what I do best – channel surfing!


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